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Excerpts from Emails


Occasionally I spam out the link to this site to friends, family and acquaintances - here are some excerpts from their responses.


12/1/11 So you are going to run through your back yard, with a long pole and jump into a pit of sawdust.  I bet your neighbors are looking forward to this.  I can hear the phone calls they will be making to their friends.  Good Luck  :-)
12/1/11 You know that I am a mental health therapist and I am seriously thinking about offering you my services.  I have chuckled about this for about 10 minutes.  It is hard to get the vision out of my head of an old man flying in the air and landing in the sawdust. 
12/1/11 Good to hear from you.  You are a wildman and it is good to see...  Looking forward to a video of you in the air.
12/1/11 That was fun and we do what we have to do Smile emoticon  thanks for sharing it
12/1/11 I can't wait to see this one! Have you built wings yet?
12/2/11 Are you NUTS!!!
12/2/11 I would suggest upside down rope climbing for hip elevation but, I think you already are too dizzy.
12/2/11 This just may be .... excuse the phrase .... "over the top".
2/28/12 Always knew you were crazy.  I am glad to know it is now documented on film :)
Great job Roger!! The music is very relaxing. -- perhaps we need "Eye of the Tiger!?"
3/13/12 Love it!  Great job.  I like the slow mo.
7/11/12 Patience Roger patience!!!