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"Back in the day..."

Welcome to My Pole Vault Site

"The Insanity Continues"


So, what's happening here?


My name is Roger Olander, I'm an old time vaulter from the 60's who has finally given in to the allure of the world of Master's Track and Field.  I'll record my efforts and progress here as I endeavor to get in shape to compete in local, and hopefully, national competition.  I look forward to meeting and hearing from other master's vaulters as this adventure unfolds.


Unfortunately I have come to face the realization that returning to track and field as a master will not work out for me.

Photo Albums:
Installing the Pole Vault Pit
Building and Installing the vaulting box
Video Files:
The Video Library
Miscellaneous Information:
Work-Out Regimen     
    My Story    
    The search for poles and practice facility    
    Welcome to Sports Medicine    
    More Sports Medicine    
    And More trouble    
    Some Small Progress
The last thing I expected
That calf muscle again - pulling all training info.
Now the thighs
Don Isett's new "Gold Standard"
No competition for 2012
Injured again
Recuperation Thoughts
Final Comments
Excerpts from Emails I've received.    
Pat Manson's Advice to Adults returning to Vault