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September of 2011 


Pat Manson sent me an email, welcoming me to the "Above the Bar" club and generously giving me some advice on how to proceed while getting back into shape.  Honestly, I have always kept his advice in mind but it is not my nature to go slow.  I push!  And that has been a major mistake!  His email is reprinted here with his permission - hopefully some of you will have better luck following his suggestions.    Good Luck!



As of Mid-January 2012


Toward the end of January I found myself burned out and bored with the weight training schedule - in addition the work with the weights had become limited as I recuperated from the high groin injury (left leg).  In my workouts I began doing less with the weights and more body-weight exercises.  This switch was partly promoted by the addition to Gold's gym of a new cross training room which included the addition of a "jungle gym" and still rings!  The new training room is like a candy store to an old time vaulter from the '60s who had spent much of his college career in the gymnastics room.  


As of Mid-April 2012


I have decided to pull down my workout schedule.  I am making progress but the truth is that I am not keeping to the schedule myself because of my life-style and my propensity to injure myself.


Fall/Winter 2012


After an extensive layoff for a trip to San Diego and to recuperate the nagging injuries to that left leg, I have finally resumed workouts - both running and weight lifting but no attempts to vault.  This time I am starting with reduced speed and weights as I have decided not to vault until January - so I may not be ready to vault in the 2013 indoor season.


Good Luck!