The craziness continues!

My continuing flirtation with Aviation:
I've purchased a 90% complete Mitchell U-2 Flying Wing!
(Which in Aviation math usually means, 90% is left to be done.)

The next morning - Cleaning day
Norm came by early the next morning and I set him to work washing the bird crap and dirt off of the plane.  It took some effort to get it out of the garage after pushing it in so carefully the evening we arrived. 

Open the door and the mess is still there.
Not sure why I bothered with a different view of the mess.  I eventually removed a significant amount of the junk which allows Sharon to get her car into the garage now but my side still looks like a hoarder's nest.
Norm hard at work
Later, still working
He wanted a picture of his work from a higher perspective.
And he wanted a picture of me sitting in it.  Suddenly I had doubts that we have the right canopy and noted that the builders legs must have been a great deal long than mine - more modifications are in store?