The craziness continues!

My continuing flirtation with Aviation:
I've purchased a 90% complete Mitchell U-2 Flying Wing!
(Which in Aviation math usually means, 90% is left to be done.)

Rebuilding the Skids and Pilots Pod Frame

First I had to build a mold for the new skids.
Next I cut the core material to the shape of the new skids - this is not really necessary as the 2# density foam is flexible enough to have been bent to shape within the mold.
All of the foam core has been cut out.
Next Norman and I had to shape the core to accept the 1/8 inch Protruded Carbon Rods.  For some reason I forgot to take a picture of the four rods. 
The core completely shaped and ready for the four Carbon rods.  We will install hard points at any location where a bolt attachment is required.
Squaring up the hard point material.  The next step was to cut the hard point material to size and use the router to create grooves for the Protruded Rods.  Again I failed to get a picture of the completed hard points which are made of 1/2 inch thick, laminated fiberglass. 
All of the skid components are assembled and enclosed in a webbing of fiberglass and then vacuum bagged in the mold.  You can see the outline of the skid on the left side of the mold.  After the part was cured and removed from the mold it was covered with a final fiberglass sleeve layer. 


Here is the original builder's Pilot's Pod Frame and Skids



 Here is my Pilot's Pod Frame  and Skids - The frame has been corrected in accordance with the drawings and now sits on the new Carbon and Fiberglass skids.