The craziness continues!

My continuing flirtation with Aviation:
I've purchased a 90% complete Mitchell U-2 Flying Wing!
(Which in Aviation math usually means, 90% is left to be done.)

Back Home in Colorado
We didn't take any additional pictures in Watonga, Oklahoma - we just went over the aircraft and then started trying to figure out how to break it down and load it onto the new trailer I purchased specifically for the plane.  The loading process took Norman and I nearly 6 hours even though we had help from a couple of the seller's friends. 

We removed the propeller for the trip to reduce the overhang - even with the nose cone off we didn't quite meet the highway load width requirements.
My new plane and new trailer.

Ready to start unpacking!

The builder was a large individual and he apparently had trouble getting out of the aircraft so he built this heavy (11 lbs.) pneumatic seat to push him up.  It will be replaced.
This easy to get to tie-down never once gave us any trouble.
But naturally, this impossible to get to tie-down kept coming loose throughout the whole trip.
The plane and trailer won't fit through my gate so I had to unload it into the garage - you just know how happy that made my wife!

One of the surprises in Oklahoma was the amount of bird crap and dust that accumulated over the last 5-6 years.  You can get a feel for it here.

The two outer wing panels and the two stabalators.
And finally the center-section is pushed into the garage and the door is shut with the wife's car outside.  She was actually cool about it until a weather forecast later predicted Hail!  I've made arrangements to move most of the plane out to Mack Mesa (CO7).

Yeah, I know, I need to clean out the garage anyway. 

My friend Norman went with me to retrieve the plane.  He has since told the world that I place undue reliance on my GPS or as he said, "You've got to love modern technology, that GPS took us to an oil pump a quarter of a mile from the hanger!"  We could see the air field but I had to drive about 4 miles around the section to get to the gate!