The craziness continues!

My continuing flirtation with Aviation:
I've purchased a 90% complete Mitchell U-2 Flying Wing!
(Which in Aviation math usually means, 90% is left to be done.)

Manufacturing New Wingtip Fairings


After removing the old fabric we found pretty ratty looking wingtips.  Since we intend to reroute the rudder control cable we will remove much of the wingtip for access to the pulleys.  The wingtips need to be covered with removable fairings.
The old wingtips will be used as a male plug to form the new wingtip fairings.  They need to be filled, smoothed, painted and waxed in order to be used as a plug.
The new fairings are constructed of two layers of 10 oz fiberglass - here a wingtip faring is being cured under the vacuum bag.
The first new fairing - the second wingtip is painted white and is ready to be waxed.
Another view of the wingtip fairing on it's out-board panel.  We were lucky to be able to mold each fairing with the first try.  Obviously there will be a lot of trimming, filling and sanding before painting.
The first wingtip fairing after trimming - ready for the initial filling and sanding.
Starting to cut away the old wingtip to make access holes for the rudder control cable pulley blocks.
The cutout in the fairing to allow room for the pulley block.

The routing of the Rudder Control Cable is discussed on the Cable Routing Page.

The fairing project is still a work in progress: We have to make small fairings to cover the pulley cutout and continue to fill, sand and eventually paint the fairings.