OK, so Ron doesn't really fly a commercial plane - but he does enjoy beating around the patch in his single engine job - he lives at such an altitude that limits the plane's load capacity - still I hope to join him some cold winter day.

Heber City UT.JPG (84217 bytes)

Heber City, Utah
Feb. 12, 2006

Deer Creek Res..JPG (67286 bytes)

Deer Creek Reservoir (Utah)
Feb.12, 2006

Provo River.JPG (99364 bytes)

Provo River (Utah)
Feb. 12, 2006

Mt. Timpanogos..JPG (78288 bytes)

Mt. Timpanogos (Utah)
Feb. 12, 2006

Ron1.JPG (86022 bytes)

Blue Mesa Reservoir
Jan. 1, 2007
Near Durango in South Western Colorado