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Winter in Arizona - yes we get snow too!
Feb. 2004

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And Bob, being sort of a renaissance Grizzly Adams, actually seems to like camping out in this kind of weather....

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The solitude and scenery would certainly appear to make it worth the effort.

Bob experiments with my camera and his Minerals.
Bob11.jpg (64928 bytes) The picture on the left shows what the mineral laden rock looks like in regular lighting - the ones on the right where taken with his "black" lights - not your normal UV, but close.
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Bob14.jpg (101709 bytes) He barrowed my camera to evaluate the depth of field characteristics of a digital cameral - it must have met his criteria because he went out and bought a new "digi" of his own.  I'm a little envious of his new toy.

And now, from his new "Digi"!!

Bob15.jpg (88134 bytes) And here is the first offering that he has shared from his new "digi" - looks like he's getting the depth of field he was looking for.
CoveredBridge.jpg (90387 bytes) Bob just returned from a short vacation, do you need more than one chance to guess which corner of the country he and his family went to?
Lighthouse.jpg (34192 bytes) The obligatory North Eastern cliché
Seals.jpg (66289 bytes) Animals are always good subjects.
Bob16.jpg (60613 bytes) Collard Lizard from the rim of Meter Crater - June, 2003