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8/25/12 - Updating web-site  - My web-host went out of business (I guess) so I am now in the process of uploading the entire web-site to a new host.  The images are large files which will take some time to upload so some image will be missing for a while and then each page will have to be checked for broken links.  Please accept my apologies and please bear with me - I am working on it as fast as I can!!!

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12/15/11 - Updating files  - This site originated in the days of "dial-up" so all pictures and pages were kept as small as possible to speed up the downloads.  Now I am re-doing the more popular picture albums to take advantage of high-speed connections and to utilize a slide-show format.
See the recent updates - Arches, Antelope Canyon, Dane Spring and the Wave in the Directory.

11/30/11 - Masters Track and Field  - I finally succumb a new adventure by returning to competitive track and field at the masters level (for old-timers) .
Under Pole Vaulting  in the directory

11/11/11  - The Italy Tour - Ms. Trekker and I travel to Italy for our 50th Anniversary - it is done finally - although more captions may be added as time goes by.
Under Italy in the directory

7/3/11 - Utah's Nine Mile Canyon  - I finally get a chance to sneak into Nine Mile Canyon but only long
enough to see the Daddy Canyon Complex and some things along the road.

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The Wave
Paria Canyon / Vermillion Cliffs
Wilderness Area


The Slot Canyons
Page, Arizona

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Wire Pass Canyon
A slot Canyon leading to Buckskin Gulch - which is a fourteen mile long slot canyon


Cobra Arch

Summer is a very dangerous time of the year - take care!

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wildfire.jpeg (50994 bytes)

Photo courtesy of Keith Burst, Tucson. Keith is a professional Photog who was out to see the wild beehive in the opening behind the Rattler!

I received this photo from a friend several years ago.  The photographer is a fire behavior analyst from Fairbanks, Alaska by the name of John McColgan. Since he was working at the time, he is not allowed to sell or profit from it but he should at least be recognized as the photographer. (Thanks Rosie for the correct attribution.)